Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tip Tueday: Anti-Guilt Halloween

Halloween Health Tip #1: Don't Buy Candy Yet!

Halloween, to a kid, is always about getting dressed up and getting a ton of candy. As we get older, we tend to dress up less ... but the candy eating doesn't decrease. So how can you avoid overeating Halloween candy this week?

Here's my first tip: don't buy the candy just yet!

I find that when I buy my Halloween candy too early, I tend to open a bag to snack on myself. I say, "Oh, I bought too much and it'll go to waste anyway... it won't hurt if I eat some pieces now." Yeah, okay... it may not hurt the trick-or-treaters, but it'll definitely hurt my waistline!

So don't buy your Halloween candy just yet. Wait until Friday or Saturday -- this way, you don't have all week to munch on Snickers and Kit Kat bars.

How do you avoid overeating Halloween candy? Do you have any anti-candy tips? 
Thanks to msenergydrink for this awesome guest post!

My tips: instead of eating the leftovers all yourself all at once and feeling horrible about it bake some into treats and share those treats with family and friends..make a cake or cupcakes and stick some 3 musketeers or milky way in it... or when halloween night is coming to an end and you still have lots of candy left over let the kiddies take handfuls so you aren't left with lots. Or go trick-or-treating yourself except do it the opposite way- go to the houses in your neighborhood where the kids live and give their family some extra candy!

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