Friday, October 22, 2010

Guest post: Halloween Treat Ideas for Tip Thursday

Well, let’s kick off this week before Halloween with some Halloween inspired treats from the past!

Halloween Grave Cupcakes (recipe, here)

This is an all time favorite. There’s nothing creepier than a doll arm popping out of a cupcake, fo’ real. 

Mini Caramel Apples (recipe, here)

Who doesn’t love the look of caramel apples – and when they are mini? TOO. ADORABLE.
Caramel Apple Cupcakes (recipe, here)

In sticking with the apple theme, if you don’t want to mess with sticky caramel – here’s the next best thing…in cupcake form!
Gingerbread Haunted Mansion Library (recipe, here)

I make a lot of gingerbread houses, usually for xmas, but a few years ago we decided to make a very large one for Halloween. This one’s a library. A haunted library.
Gingerbread Haunted Mansion (recipe, here)

The first haunted Library was very clean. Very minimal. This one? Well, it was like Halloween barfed all over it. In a good, sweet, candy way. I loaded this thing up good, and considering that it was already over 17 inches tall, you can imagine with all the candy – this weighed a TON.
Trick or Treat Cupcakes (recipe, here)

Finally, there’s is nothing better than a cupcake, topped with a cookie, plus some candy. Sugar overload.
What's your favorite Halloween treat to make?