Sunday, July 24, 2016


ugh! I'm so sick of adulting!

I've been organizing my freaking finances all day and trying to pay my bills. :'( And it's all while puppysitting. Little Mr. Shamus doesn't get why I'm not spending a lot of time and attention on him like I usually do when I watch him :-( On the bright side, Shamus doesn't have an upset tummy today like he sometimes is prone to when his mommy isn't around. Also I feel like I've accomplished a lot! I did want to officially launch The Procrastinate Reader over on Wordpress but that may not happen. I figured I'd turn this into a post here on Rockin' Randomness since I was already venting out on Twitter.

Ok, uhhh...Welcome to the relaunch of this blog. More randomness to come. Don't worry, most of it will be fun. I promise! Also coming soon, a guest post from fellow blogger Bookish Fangirl!

Well, back to adulting I go...and here comes the puppy...LOL