Friday, August 13, 2010

Outrage -- A nurse just arrested after cops say she poisoned her husband with Oreo pudding...

What are your thoughts on this tragedy? I cant believe this! it's sad and insane! it's so ridiculous its funny.

Nancy Grace: Outrage -- A nurse just arrested after cops say she poisoned her husband with Oreo pudding laced with 80 times the recommended dosage of morphine & muscle relaxants! She claimed he drank himself to death!



00:01:47>> Good evening.
00:01:47I'm nancy grace.
00:01:48I want to thank you for being with us.
00:01:50Bombshell tonight, an indiana nurse and mother makes chicken, fresh veggies, fruit salad and dessert for the husband.
00:01:57A few hours later, he's dead, found dead in the backyard lawn chair.
00:02:04Her husband, avall murdered by oreo pudding.
00:02:08>> Tammy duvall called 911 to report that on this small, concrete slab in the backyard she found her estranged husband allen duvall dead from what she explained as alcohol poisoning.
00:02:21>> Toxicology reports allen duvall had 80 times the therapeutic levels of morphine and muscle relaxant.
00:02:28>> Allen duval's cowsin and even her own daughter contacted investigators expressing concerns that tami duvall may have murdered alan duvall.
00:02:39>> She took out a life insurance policy worth $100,000 just a month before he was found dead on the backyard of their home.
00:02:46>> They pointed to a $100,000 life insurance policy she took out with the help of an insurance agent with whom investigators say she'd had an affair.
00:02:56Tami duvall faces six counts of insurance fraud and two counts of obstruction of justice.
00:03:01>> Right out to the news director of wbiw 1340 am death by oreo pudding.
00:03:09I've never heard anything like it.
00:03:11Wait a minute, I did hear death by jello, lime jello.
00:03:16What happened?
00:03:16>> Well, basically they're estranged.
00:03:20They're married, but they're separated and she entered a plea agreement on tuesday and she's facing charges of murder, six count of insurance fraud and three counts of obstruction of justice and, yeah, they say she put in over 80 times the maximum level of morphine and muscle relaxers into his pudding to claim the insurance money.
00:03:39>> Out to jean casares, legal " how did this allegedly go down?
00:03:47>> Poison cases have such similar patterns and in this duvall was dead and they thought it was alcohol poisoning that killed him.
00:03:554, so the death was ruled accidental, but then the toxicology report came back and that's when it all changed.
00:04:04Morphine and muscle relax ants, 80 times the normal amount and the defendant in this case, she's a certified nursing assistant.
00:04:13>> But wouldn't he have tasted something?
00:04:15 gwen o'keefe, founder com joining us out of boston.
00:04:22 o'keefe, thank you for being with us.
00:04:25He couldn't test anything with the morphine and muscle relaxant?
00:04:30>> Not necessarily, nancy.
00:04:31If she was careful in how the medicine was snuck into the oreo.
00:04:36Oreo is a good hider of things and we use it for kids all of the time for getting medicine into them and he wouldn't have known especially if he was intoxicated.
00:04:45>> Take a look at some of the so-called black widows that have become infamous for killing their husbands.
00:04:53There's ann jet wild, one of the first that poisoned her 9-year-old daughter, two husbands and mother-in-law with arsenic.
00:05:00Attempted to kill the second child.
00:05:02Collected insurance money and bought a luxury car and anjette looils had long run the grill across the street from the courthouse where the judges, and the cops and prosecutors ate and to top it all off, she ran the kitchen at the women's diagnostic prison.
00:05:24Who could forget this black widow, murdering her ex-husband and she stayed on the lam for months and months before she was caught, actually for years.
00:05:38She wanted his $11 million fortune.
00:05:41And another black widow, lynn turner and she's the one infamous for putting arsenic in the lemon lime gatorade jello and chicken soup, excuse me, antifreeze.
00:05:59She collected $153,000 for husband's death and $36,000 for boyfriend's death.
00:06:05Sandy murphy, accused of overdosing boyfriend ted binion, remember the heir to the casino fortune out in hass vegas?
00:06:15We can't even count all of the black widows, of course, who can forget dalia dippolito, poisoned her husband with antifreeze.
00:06:28I can go on and on.
00:06:30 bethany marshall, what's the thinking?
00:06:35>> Tend to think of these women as being profoundly perverse.
00:06:38When they meet the man he's simply someone they'll get money off of and there's a perverse, almost like a sexualized excitement and gratification in having power over the man and the idea of poisoning is rendering him completely helpless and then having no fault and not being brought to criminal justice, but it's not like a normal domestic homicide where they a huge rift in the marriage and they don't have problem solvingable sxits they get angry and lash out and kill him.
00:07:09They meet these men with the intent to kill from the very beginning.
00:07:13>> Jean casares, I know it is not a cruel joke.
00:07:16Why is it dirt pudding?
00:07:19Why is the death dish called dirt pudding.
00:07:22>> It is a butteding that has oreos mixed in and it is a butteding and also the oreo, and the probable cause affidavit said are says way back in 2004 a man alleged to prosecutors that he was a friend also of the defendant in this case and on thanksgiving he was giving her pudding and he took two bites of it and he felt he was going to pass out and was weak for hours after that.
00:07:45He said I think she tried to poison me.
00:07:48>> Why would she have tried to poison just a friend.
00:07:52>> Well, the motivation here, prosecutors say is money because an insurance policy was taken out one month before this all happened for $100,000, and she'd had problems with money for years and that was a motivating factor.
00:08:06By the way, prosecutors say she was having an affair with the insurance salesman.
00:08:13>> You slipped that in at the end, didn't you, jean?
00:08:16>> Yeah.
00:08:16>> There was a $100,000 insurance policy.
00:08:20What would the man alan duvall would have suffered?
00:08:23Would he have gone to sleep?
00:08:24And how long it will have taken for him to die in the lawn chair in the backyard after he consumed oreo pudding?
00:08:31>> Well, nancy, if we assume that he was drunk with alcohol and close to alcohol poisoning at that level it wouldn't have taken long with all that morphine and muscle relaxants.
00:08:43They add up together and you intensify the alcohol poisoning and he probably passed out very quickly and with 80 times the level in him of morphine and muscle relaxant, I think it would have happened pretty quickly.
00:08:58So she really was meaning business here.
00:09:01Things would have happened fast.
00:09:04It would have been an immense alcohol poisoning very quickly.
00:09:07In fact, those three additives together would actually create alcohol poisoning at a much lower alcohol level.
00:09:14>> To pat brown, criminal profiler, author of "the profiler.
00:09:20I had life hunting serial " a carefully prepared dinner and watching him through the window sitting in a lawn chair waiting for him to die.
00:09:34>> Absolutely.
00:09:35He's almost gone now.
00:09:36A way to a man's heart is through food, you get him and you kill him with it.
00:09:44Works out well, don't you think?
00:09:45>> Indiana police arrested a woman for allegedly killing her husband with morphine and muscle relaxants mixing them in a dirt pudding she fed to him.
00:09:58>> He told them specifically if I die make sure it's investigated.
00:13:09>>>, Cording to court papers, alan dufr all's cousin and her own daughter contacted investigators expressing concerns that tami duvall may have murdered alan do you have duvall.
00:13:28When investigators took a closer look at the autopsy they discovered the presence of morphine and a muscle relaxer in his body, each exceeding 80 times the maximum dose.
00:13:37Some of those same drug his gone missing from a nursing home where tami worked.
00:13:41Investigators believed she slipped them into a homemade dirt pudding which she served alan during what would become his last meal.
00:13:48>> There's a lot packed into this 59-page probable cause including more charges.
00:13:54In addition to murder, tami duvall faces six counts of insurance fraud and two counts of be on strucked of justice.
00:14:00>> For those of you just joining us, an indiana mom, a mother, a wife, a registered nurse is now given the eyeball from local police after her husband dies in the backyard sitting upright in a lawn chair after eating her famous homemade oreo pudding, why?
00:14:20Because it was laced with about 80 times the amount of the maximum dose of morphine and muscle relax ants, say the police.
00:14:31No, that is impossible.
00:14:33What is her defense, jean qaisares?
00:14:35>> Her defense would be that it was suicide.
00:14:38He did it himself.
00:14:39The marriage warrant working out.
00:14:41He couldn't take it anymore so he took his own life and she told that to investigators and after the toxicology report came back because he said that he'd peased out with the alcohol, when that came back and that was confronted to her from investigators, she admitted that he had morphine and he had the flexor ol muscle relaxants and the empty bottles were found next to his body and she cleaned up the scene after all to tidy up.
00:15:08>> Flexorol.
00:15:10>> What is flexorol?
00:15:13>> That's not morphine, is if?
00:15:15>> No, that's the other drug.
00:15:16>> The muscle relaxant.
00:15:20He took it back there in the lawn chair and dropped the bottles beside him and nobody knew -- >> okay.
00:15:26Here's my next question.
00:15:27Out to you, news director wviw 1340 am.
00:15:32Did he actually say if I die make sure it's investigated?
00:15:36>> Well, at least that's what his neighbors are saying.
00:15:38One of his neighbors brandon wright stated that and then, of course, you have his cousins and tami's ex-husband and their own daughter expressing their interest in the possible murder.
00:15:49>> Here's my question to you, bethany marshall ", pshoanalyst and author of " hey if I die, she'd murder me.
00:16:01Why would you stay in the home.
00:16:03If you really think someone's capable of killing you?
00:16:06>> Because your masochistic, because you're in denial and you do not want to believe it's true and the fact that she's bragging about this to everybody in her life, that's why I think that they knew he was at risk.
00:16:18Remember I said there was a perverse --?
00:16:21Explain the bragging.
00:16:22>> Okay, what I'm thinking happened is that the reason her daughter and her ex-husband went to the police is that she was talking to people about this.
00:16:31She was perhaps obsessed by it, thinking about it, titillated by the idea that she could poison her husband, so it was no secret.
00:16:38It was out there and he stayed because on some level he knew it, on the other level, he did not want to believe.
00:16:45>> He didn't want to know it.
00:16:47>> We're taking your calls live.
00:16:49Quickly, jean casares, do we know of any bragging she did, any comments she made?
00:16:55>> You know, I think the comments were made to the police after the murder happened.
00:16:59She talked and spoke a lot with them, but before hand, well, she had that boyfriend that was the insurance salesman who sold them the $100,000 life insurance policy, who was present when alan duvall actually signed it and whether she spoke to him or not?
00:17:15>> Out to the lines, nicole, oklahoma.
00:17:18Hi, nicole.
00:17:19>> Caller: Hi, nancy.
00:17:20Thanks for taking my call and thank you so much for sharing those beautiful twins you have with us.
00:17:26>> Thank you.
00:17:27Thank you.
00:17:27>> Caller: I was kind of wanting to know a little bit of information on a possible -- what are the side effects of an overdose of morphine?
00:17:38>> Good question.
00:17:39To dr. gwen o'keefe.
00:17:41What would he have gone through?
00:17:43>> Well, with just morphi alone, you get very tired, confused and slip into a coma and you can sometimes get seizures and you can get similar side effects with flexorol and possible we alcohol poisoning and you add the three together and you get a perfect storm of the same symptoms.
00:18:04>> Unleash the lawyers, eleanor odom, felony proks cure the, peter odom, defense attorney, weigh in, eleanor.
00:18:13>> It looks like a perfect murder so she thought because she planned it, she had a motive and the money, but what I'm looking at now is a case because of this planning and because of these large life insurance policies.
00:18:26>> Now you're talk, eleanor.
00:18:27Give me your defense, renee?
00:18:29>> Absolutely no death penalty here because I don't think unless they get the pudding with the drugs in it, a suicide defense could work.
00:18:39>> Peter?
00:18:41>> And she would have bought the $100,000 life insurance policy thinking he might commit suicide in the future.
00:18:48The suicide defense might well work.
00:18:50>> I guarantee you there's a suicide exception.
00:18:54>> Both these drugs are commonly used for suicide.
00:22:21August 2007 that tami duvall called 911 to report that on this small concrete slab in the backyard she found her estranged husband alan duvall dead from what she explained as alcohol poisoning.
00:22:34Though that's how investigators originally viewed the case that's not what neighbor asks relatives believed.
00:22:40>> He told them individually if I die make sure it's investigated.
00:22:46>> She's really friendly to my kids and really friendly to us.
00:22:48>> It doesn't look good.
00:22:49>> We're taking your calls.