Saturday, July 24, 2010

YouTube stars (Rachael Ray Show)

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YouTube has opened the door for anyone with a camera and a computer to become the star of their own TV show. Rachael meets a few of these Internet celebrities who have used YouTube to give advice on fashion, makeup, budget shopping and even express their opinion on carpenter jeans! Check them out by clicking on their names below:

William "Ask a Gay Man" Sledd
"Ask Adrienne" Nelson
Rob and Corinne from ThreadBanger
Madeline "How to Girl" Merced

Programming note: Voting has ended! Tune in Wednesday, July 16 to see which one of these stars is the winner!

Their online videos made these people Internet sensations, so Rachael checks in with a few of your favorite viral video YouTube stars to see what they're up to today!

"Chocolate Rain" singer. In 2007, Tay Zonday won the music prize at the YouTube Awards for his deep-voiced jazz-inspired tune for the popular video that changed his life. "I was literally Joe Schmo, a graduate student making music in my living room and all of a sudden these doors opened up," he tells Rach. "The entertainment industry started contacting me and it's been a wild ride ever since." Tay has been hired as a voice artist and has continued to produce independent music on YouTube. "My last song on YouTube is called 'Baby I'm Not.'"


"Leave Britney Alone!" When the tabloids were going after Britney Spears on a daily basis, she found a supporter on YouTube when Chris Crocker posted his teary-eyed plea for folks to give the pop star a break. But his allegiances have changed since that video. "I'm actually not a fan anymore - she didn't even send me a fruit basket, a thank you or nothing," he admits, adding, "My new obsession is Lady Gaga!" Chris also has a song on iTunes titled, "Mind in the Gutter." Click here to download the song!

Huge Nintendo 64 Christmas Surprise. People loved watching the video of a young brother and sister screaming "yes!" and pounding on their gift with joy when they opened a brand new Nintendo video game system on Christmas morning. Why was that so exciting? "We never expected to get it!" says now-20-year-old Brandon. They sold the Nintendo on eBay a few years ago, so Rachael surprises him and his sister with a replacement! Their reaction is much calmer this time around. Check out their original home video here! For some of their tv appearances check this out!

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