Saturday, August 06, 2016

Why I haven't been around much

I haven't been blogging here a whole lot yet due to the following factors:
  1. Life has been getting in my way
  2. Part of life is adulting which involves running errands for other people
  3. Been getting distracted by a cute puppy (I do love puppy sitting!)
  4. Trying to catch up on recorded shows so the DVR doesn't reach 100% and explode deleting shows others have recorded
  5. Bookish stuff (bookish Twitter chats, giveaways, reading, blogging on The Procrastinate Reader [shameless plug haha])
Speaking of my other blog...
  • Been lining up interviews
  • Lined up a few guest posters
  • Have 3 posts up and hopefully more soon
  • It's making me anxious
  • I want to post at least once to twice a week
  • I want the posts to vary (review, book hauls, author interview, blogger interview, other interviews) but I'm finding I have more interviews than anything ATM (I really don't want to post all the same type all at once)
  • I'm stoke because I just scored an interview with my first BookTuber!!!!
  • Bookitcon is tomorrow- hoping to put up a review of the event within a week following!