Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Motivation Monday: MountainWings Prepare To Fly

MountainWings is the daily inspirational email that helps you conquer The Mountains of Life. You can go to MountainWings.com,click Past Issues, and read many past issues of MountainWings. Each issue of MountainWings is very different, you can't judge MountainWings from one or two days. Watch the difference it makes in your life in 7 days.

At times MountainWings will be silly, hilarious and fit for a comedy show. There are times when we just need to laugh. At other times MountainWings will be serious and thought provoking. There are times when we need new perspectives on old things. No matter what the flavor of the day is, MountainWings helps you.
When you are blessed, please refer others to MountainWings.com.
Life has tough mountains to climb, it helps if you have Wings.

Prepare to fly,
I stumbled upon MountainWings.com in I believe 2003. MountainWings has inspired me, motivated me, made me laugh and made me cry. Often times on Motivation Monday I will post a story from MW. My hopes are that you too will experience a MountainWings Moment.
Today is Motivation Monday. Every Monday there will be some sort of post intended to motivate and inspire.
Please note that blog theme days may change without advanced notice.