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Fab Find Foodie: Silk Pure Almond Milk Review

PLEASE NOTE: I did not write this review, however i would never post a review in any of my blogs if I did not (1) get the author's permission and (2) agree with the views presented in the author's review.

6/22/2010 02:21:00 PM Posted by Fab Find Foodie

Almond Milk is a product that has become quite popular as of late.  It's supposed to be a great alternative to cow's milk!  You're probably familiar with the brand Silk, which is known for their soy milk.  (Which I also love!)  But have you tried their Pure Almond Milk yet?  Almonds are said to have incredible health benefits!  They are recognized by health professionals as a nutritious addition to a healthy diet. A serving of almonds provides an excellent source of vitamin E, protein and fiber. In fact, almonds are higher in protein and fiber than any other tree nut. Plus, they're naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.

I received two coupons for a free half gallon of Silk Pure Almond Milk.  This was my first time trying Silk Pure Almond Milk, so of course I wasted no time running down to the store so I could get my first taste!!  The thickness was comparable to whole milk, but it's ivory in color.  The flavor is exceptional!!  I tried the Vanilla first and I cannot express enough just how good it was!!  My two year old refuses to drink milk, and she loved Silk Pure Almond Milk!  The Original is just as delicious!  (I'd suggest Vanilla for those of you that like a sweeter taste, and the Original for less sweetness.)

I'm not a huge milk fan, so having products like Almond Milk are great options for me!  Silk Pure Almond Milk is great to drink as is, but it's also really tasty in coffee, over granola and my fav is poured over oatmeal!!  You can also use it in soups, smoothies and as a replacement for milk in baking!!  However you decide to use it, the one thing I'm confident in is that you'll love it!

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