Saturday, October 09, 2010

Just an Introduction :)

Before I make a full on guest post I thought I would introduce myself.

My name is Sami and I was asked to be a contributor :) I am 20 years old and I am a student at Eureka College where I am majoring in Psychology. I have my own blog (reasonablerants), it is just as the title suggests, random. I make post about my life in general and issues I come across, some serious political issues, others just issues with people being loud down the hall.

I write very informally, and I am a horrible speller, so hopefully you will be able to figure out what I am talking about! |I do have spell check on Firefox...thank goodness|. I also like to end with a question, I LOVE feedback :)

Which is somewhat what I was asked to bring here to Randomness Rocks. I will do a little bit of it right now!

I am a major believer in LGBT rights. My mother is a lesbian, my boyfriends brother is gay and so are many of my friends. As some of you may or may not know the 20th of this month |maybe next I could have it wrong, but I am not in facebook to look at what month it is| people will be wearing purple in remembrance of 7 young gay men who took their own lives because recently because they saw no other choice.

Why do you ask? Because each of these young men where being harassed and bullied everyday for being gay. From what I understand |based on the news| one boy was only 11 years old and had never made any indication to his parents he was gay, other boys in school just taunted him saying that he was.

I joined the event and saw that so many people where posting hateful things on the site. One person said "who cares they where all fucking faggots, seven less I have to put up with"

I just find this all horrible. I find it disgusting enough that there are people out there that think and act the way that these bullies do. It is even worse that 11 year old boys are thinking this way, because you know they are being taught the behavior.

I personally believe that all of the bullies involved should have some legal punishment. They need to be held accountable for their actions. I of course believe it should be much less for the 11 year olds |they are not yet able to understand the concept of the impact of their actions and the serious repercussions of them til they are about 13| but none-the-less they need some punishment.

What do you think? How severe should the punishment be? The young men all made the choice to take their lives, but the bullies played a huge part. So I guess the question is how do you punish somebody for somebody else action?