Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Game Time! (Get Involved and Have Fun)

Firstly, I would like to post something I found on the facebook profile page of one of my favorite (former) radio dj's. It made me laugh, but it explains how so many of us who are unemployed (and have been for a while) feel!

Kris Stevens I've now become a burden to society. So unless you want to keep paying my unemployment benefits, I suggest you hire me. (ok, I'm done venting)

Ok, now it's Game Time!

Let's play a game. It's called the alphabet game. We are "going to the park" and each person brings the first person, place, or thing that comes to their mind. The first person starts with A, the next B, then C, etc. When playing in real life (a great way to pass time) each person is to repeat everything said before them beginning with "I'm ...going to the park and I'm going to bring..." A, B, and C. If they forget anything they lose the game and start a new game with the letter A. 


A fun variation on this game is what I like to call "The Game That Never Ends" This is because it has the potential to go on forever! The first person starts with A and whatever letter that word ends in the next person begins with. This time you don't repeat everything said before you because this variation can last very long and most of the time you will repeat letters quite a few times although you still are not to repeat words. 


For example, I'm first and I say "I'm going to the park and I'm going to bring an apple." The next person says "I'm going to the park and I'm going to bring an elephant." The third person then must come up with a word that begins with "T."  You are absolutely aloud to look around for things beginning with that letter. It is a great help when you get deep into the game and repeat letters multiple times.
I'll start and well play the original game so the second person with start with "B."Don't forget repeat everything said before you!

I'm going to the park and I'm going to bring an apple.