Friday, June 25, 2010

menstral cramps and cravings

My cycle is crazy in that some months i get heavy flow lasting for nearly 6 days and horrible cramps (sometimes almost paralyzing ones around my waist) and other months i'll have a relatively light flow with no cramps or light cramps that are ignorable and it'll last 3 days at most. I woke up this morning @ 630 am (early for me as i normally get up @9) with cramps.. i took 2 aleve then and it helped but the cramps have started back up again. what can i do to ease the pain. It's too hot for a heating pad/hot water bottle otherwise i'd use that. Is there any food i can eat or tea i can drink to help alleviate the pain quickly?

Also i get major food cravings during my period no matter what my flow is like or how long it lasts. I started off today well. a big bowl of apples and cinnamon oatmeal with strawberries, sun-dried apricots, honey, ground ginger and pumpkin pie spice added for extra flavor. i also made myself a big cup of tea (decaf spiced chai, bigelow's mint medley and classic breakfast mixed-gonna refill it now). then i ate a package of smores pop tarts cos i was craving chocolate lol hey leave me alone- i'm menstral. i'll find something semi-healthy to healthy later for dinner (i hope). What healthy foods could i eat during my period to stop the cravings?