Sunday, May 23, 2010


So it's been a while since I really felt like writing anything. I would say probably a good year at least. But at the suggestion of my friend's mom I decided to take a Stand up Comedy Workshop to last from late February to early April 2010. Much to my surprise I have found something else I really enjoy doing- finding the funny in everything around me. I always thought "Meh, I'm not funny." or "I have a dry sense of humor that just isn't very funny." Now I have found a way to channel it and turn my sorta funny personality into something pretty cool (if you ask me). The class has been extended and I am really having a lot of fun with it all! In this blog (Assorted Randomness) and my other one (Xanga Weblog) I've been posting some of my jokes along with other things I find interesting or funny or useful.

I was talking with an old online friend yesterday about writing and blogs and whatnot. Her name is Dauna ( and I happen to think she's really cool, really sweet, and pretty smart and straightforward too. (No she didn't pay me or even ask me to talk about her or her blog.) A couple years ago she started her own online community, if you will, of writers. It was called Tag You're It. It was a collaborative writing initiative- the only website of its kind. It's a couple of years since the website dissolved due to lack of interest, motivation, busy lives, and collaborators and all of a sudden me and Dauna reconnected through Facebook and began to reminisce about the stories we wrote and we realized something- we miss it!
"Why are you telling me all this?" you may be asking me. Well I will soon tell you. Yesterday, Dauna and I were chatting and we started talking about writing again and she mentioned this site she stumbled upon. It's called One Million Monkeys Typing- an evolutionary writing site where only the strongest stories survive. So we both signed up in hopes that it'll bring us as much joy as the original Tag did. Then, we came up with an idea to get us going again. Each day we will set our facebook/twitter statuses to one or two sentences and our friends and followers would continue the story along one or two sentences at a time until people stop responding. Once that happens we'll post it in our blogs and notes as a story. Then, an even better idea came to my mind: do the same thing with our blogs and get our followers involved there too.

So that's what we will be doing starting tomorrow! I'm hoping this will get me to stay more in touch with my friends and help me gather more followers! Here's to the fun!