Friday, May 14, 2010

Sanitize Your Facebook Profile or Else!

As posted by @dollarish on Xanga

Sanitize Your Facebook Profile or Else!


Before you post that naughty picture on Facebook you may want to consider this.

70% of employers admit to have rejected job applicants because of the personal information found on the internet.

Apparently though, potential employees are not as oblivious to this percentage as one might think. Although 60% of applicants say they are concerned about the effect their public internet profiles may have on their employment chances, only 15% of them actually censor the content they post.

According to these numbers, it seems that, statistically speaking, the majority of people value an embellished cyber-life more than a career.

These outrageous numbers are so out of proportion that Microsoft now sponsors an annual non-holiday day termed "Data Privacy Day." The aim of this day is not only to spread awareness about the risks of negligent postings, but more so to publicize their flip side.

86% of U.S. human resource workers say that employers assign great value to job candidates' positive online representations, and impressive background searches can amount to positive outcomes for employees.

Do you sanitize  your online profile for employment purposes? Are you concerned about how your online profile might influence your profession?