Monday, September 20, 2010

Changes Coming Soon- Newsletter #1

Dear Friends and Followers of Assorted Randomness, I Heart Randomness, Proud 2 B Random, and Randomness Rocks


Big changes are coming soon to all four blogs! Soon the format of posting will be more organized and a little less random. Each day will have its own theme. So far here's my ideas. Please email me any suggestions for other days to or post in respective entries in my blog. 
  •   Motivation Monday- motivational quotes and/or stories
  •   Tip Tuesday- job tips and articles
  •   Wacky Wednesday- just a random day of posting whatever
  •   Freebie Friday- free stuff I find such as free downloads, free samples, etc
  •   Savings Sunday- coupons and money saving deals, sites, and tips to help get you through the week ahead

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Rockin Rita received her nickname freshman year of high school from a teacher who gave it to her because she always walked around listening to music on her walkman. To this day that nickname sticks and she even made her my email handle. Today she is more passionate than ever about music- listening, singing, downloading, whatever! Besides the music obsession she's also a crazy, random, fun-loving, super friendly, ordinary, everyday, average girl who loves her friends more than anything else in the world! She likes to write poetry whenever inspiration finds her.
She thoroughly enjoys blogging though she has been doing it for just a couple of months regularly. She has four blogs that are usually updated daily! All of her blogs are just like her- random! They contain anything she feels like posting from stuff people send in to interesting things and blog entries around the web to random thoughts and stuff she writes.
Her Philosophy: *Randomness is the key to enjoying life!*

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