Monday, September 06, 2010

About Me and My Blogs

I have decided to post this information again after the sole comment I received on Happy 100 Entries. Please check out all of my blogs, my youtube channel, and my twitter. If you like what read please comment and follow! Any questions, ask away!


My name is Rita but I also go by Rockin Rita. I received my nickname freshman year of high school from a teacher who gave it to me because I always walked around listening to music on my walkman. To this day that nickname sticks and I've even made it my email handle. Today I am more passionate than ever about music- listening, singing, downloading, whatever!

Besides my music obsession I'm also a crazy, random, fun-loving, super friendly, ordinary, everyday, average girl. I love my friends more than anything else in the world! I like to write poetry whenever inspiration finds me. I enjoy blogging- got 4 blogs, usually updated daily! All of my blogs are just like me- random! They contain anything I feel like posting from stuff people send me to interesting things and blog entries I come across to random thoughts I have and stuff I write. *Randomness is the key to enjoying life!*

blogs (all my blogs are also on Facebook's NetworkedBlogs):
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