Friday, August 20, 2010

Mistakes & Rakes

This is a poem I wrote in August '05.
Mistakes I have made, this is true; but how in the world am I to know what to do?
I'm so scared; I feel like I'm lost, like I'm all alone.
How come it seems so easy to just dial a # on the phone?
Why can't I do it? Instead I just wind up throwing a big fit.
Confusion and animosity are all that surround me. There isn't even a peaceful place to take a pee.
How is anyone supposed to think in this mess? There's nothing left to do- nothing except stress.
No one to turn to, nowhere to run; there's not even time to have fun.
So many things have changed. Lately it seems from all my friends I've become astranged.
Seems like trouble is always around the bend. Sometimes I just wish I had that one special friend.
We'd laugh, we'd joke, we'd even call each other dorks. Sometimes we could even stab each other with forks.
I seem to make the stupidest mistakes- like hitting my little brother with rakes.
It seems like everyone around me knows my weaknesses. At least this time there were no witnesses!
I'm such an idiot sometimes. I just can't get away from it. Please excuse me now while I sink in this bottomless pit!