Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To Get Your Blog Noticed

(1) firstly you can give the link to your blog to your friends/family so at least they can read it

(2) secondly post about it on facebook/ myspace/ twitter so your friends and followers can read it as it gets updated every time

(3) Submit blog to search engines

(4) and then optimize it

(5)  There are several FAQs, which discuss getting your blog noticed and read.

Having your blog searchable on the web won't happen automatically, nor will it happen immediately.  A lot of hard work, and patience, is required.

Besides friends and family, your initial readers will come through the "Next Blog" link, randomly.  You get more "Next Blog" traffic from posting more, less from posting less.  And, you'll need this initial traffic.

Most long term readers will initially find your blog through search engine hits, from meaningful searches.  Not from searching for your blog by name.

You have to get the search engines involved, but you won't get listed by them, automatically.  You have to do some work, let them know that you're there, that you want to be listed, and that you are worthy of being listed.

1) Get your friends to link to your blog, where your blog is relevant.
2) Participate in forums, where your blog is relevant, and include the URL.
3) Comment on other blogs, in relevant comments, and include the URL.
4) Put relevant and useful content in your blog.
5) Some search engines may index your blog using the site feed.  Be sure to activate the feed.
6) When you have done all of the above, your blog will have some weight.  Submit your blog to the search engines, for indexing.
7) Post frequently, and keep the content of your blog moving.

None of this happens overnight.  Search engines can take months to index your blog fully.  And even when indexed, don't expect for a search to some key element in your blog to give you an entry on the first page of the search hits.  And remember that owners of other blogs, like yours, are actively working to be included by Google too.  Try to ignore the trolls who babble about SEO.